Whether you’re an established practice or have yet to open your doors, partnering with BK Behavior Ventures is one of the smartest moves you can make. We take the burden of managing a practice off your hands so that you can focus on providing superlative care to your clients.

Because we specialize in the ABA field, we’ve been able to develop a reliable model for setting up and running a flourishing practice. Its building blocks are the in-depth research, expertise, and proven tools we bring to clinicians through a comprehensive array of services. We’re ready to put them to work to build your practice.

Among the key services we provide:

Business Development Research

We go all out on research to ensure your success before you go all in on opening a new practice. Our experts come to the table with in-depth knowledge of the market, insurance, and patient acquisition landscape in your specific area. We understand the complex nuances of state and local regulations that will affect how a practice grows, and our clinical partners benefit from working with BK regional directors who have deep local roots and networks in the ABA field.

Insurance Contracting

Joining networks and expanding the range of insured clients you can serve is often difficult, especially when you’re just starting out. Our contracting team works with local insurance providers to bring you onboard, including private insurance companies, Medicaid, and state-funded policies. Our researchers identify the most beneficial networks for you to join, and negotiate contracts and rates to ensure the long-term sustainability of your practice.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Our staff has tremendous knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations, private insurance company regulations, and HIPAA rules. Our compliance team reviews each service you provide to ensure that your practice is in compliance and that each piece of documentation submitted with a claim meets requirements.

Document and Data Management

We keep your records organized and up to date, from client intake to claims. Our team conducts a review to make sure you’re collecting all the data your practice needs to keep on file, and provides a convenient HIPAA-compliant app for taking session notes. We know that in a data-driven field it’s vital to have all the information you need at your fingertips when you need it.

Medical Coding, Claims and Billing

Our record review team reviews session notes and other records within 24 hours and submits claims to state, private and Medicaid insurance providers. We flag incomplete and unclear records so that clinicians can correct them before they lead to claim rejections, inadequate payments, or an audit. When the need arises, we contest claim payments as well.

Audit Response

While our document and claims processes ensure that all of your claims are submitted correctly, insurance audits can still happen. When they do, our compliance department produces all relevant documents for auditors, responds to inquiries, and works to reach a resolution quickly.

We also contest audit findings when needed and have a record of successfully challenging inaccurate extrapolations. We know what kind of difference it can make to push back against unfair audits. One of our most successful challenges brought a million dollar overpayment assessment down to $4,000.

Human Resources Management

From recruiting, hiring, and onboarding to handling payroll and staff departures, our human resources team keeps your ship sailing smoothly. We make sure that you’re meeting legal and regulatory requirements as an employer, identify staffing needs, and help your practice grow with new additions to your team.

Facilities Management

Whether you need to find a location for your practice, furnish a new clinic, or hire and manage building staff, we can take the process in hand. Our staff will do as much or as little as you need to ensure that your practice provides its services in an inviting and well-maintained environment.

IT Support

We get new practices set up with all the technological tools they need to run smoothly, and we conduct a tech review of established practices to make sure they’re well equipped. From computers and electronics to software and apps that are designed for the ABA field, we equip our partners with the tech resources they require and provide support as needed.

Accounting and Tax Preparation

Our fiscal department handles accounts receivable, tax filings, and other accounting tasks. We make sure that your practice meets state, local, and federal filing deadlines, and crosses all the Ts to head off tax audits and penalties. We keep accounting records clear, complete, and accessible, so that questions and disputes can be resolved right away.

Staff Training

BK trains clinicians and administrative staff on how to create clear and complete records so that client progress can be measured accurately, colleagues can share information effectively, and claims can be processed smoothly. Every practice group and clinician we partner with is provided a course on entering HIPAA-compliant records to ensure compliance.

Client Outreach and Acquisition

Our clinical partners benefit from BK’s longstanding relationships with referral sources and our sterling reputation in the ABA field. We build informational websites for practices so that prospective clients can learn about the services you provide. We also create content for online and social media campaigns, and help you reach out to the community you serve with our state-of-the-art lead generation tools.

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