Why BK?

Because the BK model just works. Our business management system for ABA practices offers the most reliable way to build a solid foundation for providing superlative care, streamline your operations, and expand your practice. When you partner with BK Behavior Ventures, you benefit from our years of experience handling the business side of successful ABA therapy practice groups.


Our Services

Whether you’re an established practice or have yet to open your doors, partnering with BK Behavior Ventures is one of the smartest moves you can make. We take the burden of managing a practice off your hands so that you can focus on providing superlative care to your clients. Among the key services we provide:

Business Development Research

Comprehensive market research backs our business strategy and your success.

Insurance Contracting

We identify the best networks to join and negotiate contracts to your benefit.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Our team reviews services provided to ensure your practice is in compliance.

Document and Data Management

We keep your records complete, current, organized, and easily accessible.

Medical Coding, Claims and Billing

Our team reviews records, resolves issues, and submits claims within 24 hours.

Audit Response

We respond to audits and challenge unfair findings to ensure you don’t overpay.

Human Resources Management

From recruiting to onboarding to payroll, our HR team does it all.

Facilities Management

We can find you the perfect location, furnish it, and handle rent and maintenance.

IT Support

From computers to custom ABA apps, we equip you with all the tech you need.

Accounting and Tax Preparation

Our fiscal department takes tax filing and accounting tasks off your hands.

Staff Training

We train clinicians and staff to create clear, complete, HIPAA-compliant records.

Client Outreach and Acquisition

Our relationships and lead generation tools will help you build your clientele.

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